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5 Ways To Be Successful in College

Updated: Nov 25, 2018

 I started University a year ago at Pace University in New York City. Everyone knows that the workload can be extremely challenging, so I decided to share some of the methods I use to have a fun and successful time.

1. Plan Every Little Thing

 Finding a balance between your social life and academic responsibilities can be quite difficult. I fixed this issue for myself by making to-do lists, prioritizing, and mapping out everything on Excel Spreadsheets and Google Calendar. I realized that  doing work on Friday nights would mean that I could have the rest of the weekend to socialize and have fun! Additionally, I think it is important to understand that school work should take priority over anything else. After all my work is completed, I feel like I have more fun at social events anyways! 

2. Get Enough Sleep

 I know... the "8 Hours of Sleep a Night" thing might sound generic, but I have found that maintaining a good sleep pattern is essential to success . The Human Brain can't optimally function without being well rested, so I always make sure I have had enough sleep when big tests and projects are coming up.

3. Clean Your Space Up

 I know I'm probably starting to sound like your mom now... but it helped me immensely to make sure I had a clean space when I had a stressful week coming up. A dorm room is one of the places where college students study often, and I wholeheartedly believe that a tidier environment will help you focus better on your work.

4. Network Network Network

 Finding clubs, organizations and unique work opportunities is so important if you want to build a resume and possibly find an internship . Maintain contact with people you meet at events through email and learn from their successes. In my first year, I joined Rotary Club, became part of Lambda Sigma National Honors Society and worked as a Camp Counselor for Fashion Camp New York City. Getting involved and building your communication skills is without a doubt one of the keys to success.

5. Unwind and Have Fun!

We are experiencing some of the best times of our lives, and therefore it's critical to make the best of it throughout all the work. Go to brunch, see a show, go to a party and explore the city that you're based in! Life is short and you have to remember to have fun. Putting time aside to relax will greatly reduce stress levels and will make you more productive once you start grinding on your homework again.

I hope these tips were helpful and that everyone has a fabulous school year! Anything can be accomplished through hard work, planning and communication!

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